Space Tourist City Guide

Space Tourist is an immersive audio tour experience crafted to satisfy the wanderlust of space enthusiasts. This unique journey takes participants through a space city, uncovering hidden cosmic gems along the way.

The tours are designed to be both educational and thrilling, allowing users to explore space-themed destinations throughout the city, all conveniently reachable by their preferred mode of transportation. Each stop on the tour provides an opportunity to listen to engaging podcasts that reveal fascinating insights about the universe, making it an ideal adventure for colleagues, friends, and family to enjoy together.

Try the first edition!

Our first edition is Space Tourist Amsterdam, a space themed cycling tour through the vibrant city of Amsterdam. It combines Space Industry, Space Research, Space Art and Education in a five hour bike tour. Use the free App (iOS | Android) to guide you and listen to the audio guide or check out the tour right here!

Need Space Tourism in your city?

Space companies are often shrouded in mystery, accessible only by appointment or during rare open days. Visitors from outside the space industry often remain in the dark about these remarkable organisations. With our audio tour, you can shatter these barriers and grant access to the treasures hidden behind closed doors all year-round. Enable everyone to immerse themselves in the vibrant space ecosystem within your city. Contact us today to explore this opportunity for your city of space.

Space Tourist Amsterdam

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