We specialize in providing impactful communication strategy services to space companies. Our expertise in crafting captivating stories is the driving force behind inspiring your audiences and fueling the success of space businesses.



Crunch & Huntening is a boutique communications consultancy for space organisations of all sizes. It was founded by Alexandra Sokolowski, an experienced Senior Marketing & Communications professional in the space industry, with over a decade experience in the space and ground segment.

During her career at various space companies, she has gathered skills in Branding, Internal & External Communication, Media relations, Sales, Business Development, and Event Orchestration. She got the idea to found her own company while co-organising the groundbreaking first-ever Space for Island Nations Conference.

Our Services


Strategic Communications Consulting

Development of tailored communication strategies that align with your unique objectives.


If you want to dive deeper into your brand and tell a compelling story beyond your product portfolio, you have come to the right place. Being able to communicate with a solid foundation of your brand identity gives your company more credibility, authenticity and ultimately business.

Whether you are starting from scratch or need a revision of your Brand Identity – I work closely with your company stakeholders to get to the core. We make decisions together that match your brand strategy and define a way forward for relevant communications implementations across your organisation. I can support the transition into the new way of working, and provide guidance until your team can manage daily operations on its own.


Public Speaking

Whether you need a captivating speaker or a host who can keep your space events engaging, I’ve got you covered.


Breaking down your message to your target audience in a live or online setting can be challenging. I am here to support you with my expertise as skilled event moderator on stage and in virtual settings. I help you deliver your message to ensure it is understood, is engaging and be memorable. I will challenge you along the way, to improve your stage presence and delivery.

As a Senior Space Professional I am available for Public Speaking opportunities on space topics to bring inspiration for space, space careers and and space communication across. I like to engage the audience with interactive elements, and ultimately tell a story to be remembered.


Content Creation

I’m here to help you craft compelling content, designed to engage your audience and elevate your brand.


As a skilled copywriter, I offer my services to deliver stories to remember. Storytelling, good research and creating relevance are key elements that I consider important. Whether you need an article or a script for a stage production, reach out today.

My content also manifests in formats such as video, in the form of reporting from space events, as well as podcast formats.


Event Management

I’m dedicated to managing every detail to ensure the success of your events, from Design to Implementation.


Small and midsize space companies often suffer during peak event season. Reach out if you need a hand for a single event, or ad interim. I support you in delivering various formats ranging from internal events, workshops, customer events, online webinars to exhibitions presence at conferences.


Space Tourist City Guide

Explore how your city, space company, university, or museum can become an integral part of the Space Tourist audio tours.


Space companies are often shrouded in mystery, accessible only by appointment or during rare open days. Visitors from outside the space industry often remain in the dark about these remarkable organizations. With our audio tour offering, you can shatter these barriers and grant access to the treasures hidden behind closed doors. Enable everyone to immerse themselves in the vibrant space ecosystem within your city.

Charter a new frontier

We work with small and large space businesses across our solar system. How can we help you tell your unique space story?

Why Work With Me


End-to-End Delivery

I take care of your project from start to finish.



I bring in new perspectives, and they might challenge you!


Industry Experience

I count on 10+ years experience within the ground and space segment.



I set the bar high to go beyond your expectations.


High-Impact Creativity

I live to create memorable experiences


Passionate about Space

I am a space nerd, just like you.



I do what is right, even when it is difficult.

The Power of Manifesting Emotions

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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